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  • DESM9010 mounting brackets are designed to mount the Johnson Matthey "AdvCCRT" system.
  • DESM9010 has been tested and approved by Johnson Matthey for use on their DPF systems
  • Cross bar support utilizes poly isolators.
  • Constructed and welded using mild steel
  • All parts are powder coated black
  • All bands (which are included) are powder coated hi-temp black.
  • All hardware (hex bolts, flat washers, nylock nuts) are yellow zinc chromate, grade 8 (included).


  1. Brackets must be assembled as shown and hardware torqued to **listed standards, FAILURE TO DO SO MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE "DPF" SYSTEM OR INJURY TO PERSONS.
  2. DO NOT tighten isolation hardware to the listed torque specifications! Reasonable care should be taken to ensure equal compression and avoid excessive compression of the isolator.
  3. After filter and guard are installed, ensure the DPF system does not obstruct or impair the drivers use of the mirrors.
  4. ** TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS: 3/8-16 GRADE 8 (40-50 ft lbs) 7/16-14 GRADE 8 (60-75 ft lbs.) 1/2-13 GRADE 8 (90-110 ft lbs.)


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DES M9010 INSTALL MANUAL.pdf 3.6 MB 07/29/2014